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Brighter Together

Our journey
government training in shimla

Background and Introduction

The NMHD trust was set up in 1965 by Mr. Noorbhai Mulla Hasanali Dedanwala with the mission to aid underserved children's educational and health needs. Over the last 50 years, the trust activities had been undertaken by different members of the Dedanwala family. The activities of the trust remained dormant form 1997 to 2009.

In 2009 Dr. Shabnam Rangwala was inducted as a trustee and took over the management of the trust as a Managing Trustee & CEO. Dr. Shabnam is an occupational therapist by profession and has been working as a clinician in the field of disability for the past 30 years. She resigned as the Head of Therapy services at ADAPT, Mumbai in 2019. She is an international trainer in disability management and provides training across India and the Asia Pacific.

Since the induction of Dr. Shabnam, the activities of the trust have been gradually gaining momentum. Initially, the focus was to increase the number of scholarship recipients with the available funds of the trust. Gradually the scope of activities has been increased to include medical camps for disability and training in disability management for organizations in low resource areas. Initiatives to increase funding available for scholarships were undertaken with help from family and friends.

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