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Training and Sensitization Workshops


Dr. Shabnam as the CEO and trustee of the NMHD trust conducted disability training and sensitization talks at various forums. Along with the team of doctors from the Samman Association, Dr. Shabnam conducted disability sensitization talks for approximately 80 to 100 local doctors and community health professionals towards the management of epilepsy.

In the year 2019 consultancy visits and trainings were conducted at the following organizations; Cerebral Palsy Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka (January 2019), Samphia Foundation, Kullu, India (September 2019), Health Inc, Ladakh, India (September 2019), CARITAS, Phnom Phen, Cambodia (December 2019), MCNV, Hanoi, Vietnam (December 2019)

Through the visits and trainings held approximately 100 persons received further training in disability management.

Dr Rangwala is a an MAITS, UK trainer and has been providing support through MAITS to several organizations across the globe especially in the times of this Pandemic. 

Online Training

  • Programs to grass root organizations is being offered in the times of this pandemic. 

  • Programs have been catered to suit the needs of individual organizations.

  • A Continued Medical Education program was held for doctors of Dahanu at Cottage Hospital, Dahanu where the team form Samman Association along with Dr. Shabnam spoke on Epilepsy management. Dr. Shabnam spoke on “ Comorbidities and other challenges associated with epilepsy and their functional-based interventions” 

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