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Training and Sensitization Workshops

​We conduct Community based Training programs. If there is an organization who would benefit from our support feel free to reach out to us

Dr. Shabnam as the trustee of the NMHD trust conducted disability training and sensitization talks at various forums. She is a recognized as International disability trainer and works with low and middle income countries

She has conducted training at the following organizations; Cerebral Palsy Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Samphia Foundation, Kullu, India, Health Inc, Ladakh, India, CARITAS, Phnom Phen, Cambodia, MCNV, Hanoi, Vietnam, Eliya, Faridabad, Pakistan,  Deepika Child Development Center, Kanpur, India, Satya Special School, Puducherry, India and CRP, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Through the visits and trainings held approximately 200 persons received training in disability management and nearly 100 families were impacted through the knowledge dissemination.

Dr Rangwala is a an MAITS, UK trainer and has been providing support through MAITS to several organizations across the globe especially in the times of this Pandemic. 

Training is given online and/or in person

  • Programs are catered to suit the needs of individual organizations.


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