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It is scholarship season!

Scholarship Recipients

This past year, many deserving students were granted scholarships by Project Noor. Take a look at what some of the wonderful kids who were our grant winners this time around.

Aftab and Ruhani* are children of a single mom, Gulab (name changed). Gulab works as a clerk at a bank and had a divorce recently. She is very grateful to Project Noor for the support rendered for the education of her children.


Parth Srivastav is a 21-year-old brilliant boy, who through his sheer hard work has secured admission to the prestigious institute Indian Institute of Technology. His widowed mother who finds it difficult to pay the costs of his fees supports Parth. Project Noor supports a small number of his fees every year with the assurance that once he graduates and gets a job he will try and support other students.

Zainab Dedanwala is currently in Class XI and is being supported by the trust since past 6 years. Zainab is a bright young girl and is pursuing the stream of Commerce with the hope to become a Chartered Accountant.


Aaliya Ansari is a 7-year old whose mother works as a housemaid. Aaliya is a first generation learner and aspires to be a doctor. Aaliya with the support from the trust has been admitted to a prestigious Convent school and currently studies in Class 1.


Aarifa and Aarzoo* are sisters whose mother works as a community worker for a disability organization. They live in the slums of Dharavi and the mother hopes for one of her daughters to become a physiotherapist and work with disabled children.

*Name withheld on request of the scholarship recipient 

Scholarship Application are open for 2020

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