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Message from the CEO

"I would like to take this opportunity to wish that all the beneficiaries of Project Noor and their families are safe and healthy. This pandemic has thrown the lives of many into turmoil and we at NMHD trust under Project Noor would like to assure you our support in these difficult times. We will continue our support to all our families and more under all activities that come under the purview of the objectives of the trust. This pandemic has offered us an opportunity to innovate and extend ourselves for the cause of others.

Right at the onset of the pandemic we partnered with Irayos Lifestyle Retreat, Dahanu, Palghar to conduct a ration drive for the local tribal villagers. These villagers who manage their homes on daily wages, suddenly found themselves without jobs and no food security. We helped the tribals with available government documents to connect to the local food security schemes set up for them by the government.

We also moved our support to our families with disabled children on to the online platform. There are many challenges we are still facing in this area due to the existence of the digital divide. Despite that our efforts will continue through partnerships and innovations as we continue to find new ways to reach our beneficiary families. 

We reach out to the civil society and our supporters for any help in whatever manner; your technological support, your expertise and of course financial resources that you may be be able to offer.

Its, under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good for both, oneself and others. Dalai Lama

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