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Message from the Managing Trustee

The year 2021 - 2023 came with a series of new learning's. With resumption of activities came new challenges and new roads to be travelled.
The Covid era was slowly and gradually coming to an end but old activities could not be resumed where they had been left as the world has changed in the past year and half. Everyone was cautious and vary to tread the new path.
At Project Noor, our Tribal Child development Center as envisaged to create support for rural and tribal disabled population could not be restarted and that was quite a setback to our work. The hospital and doctors got busy with COVID duties and were unable to devote time and space for this work. This again reiterated the fact that disability is the most marginalised of all populations. In times of disasters and distress they are the first ones to be left behind.
We made attempts to support our clients through provision of medicines but that too could be sustained only for those who had the access reach us. With regards our disability work in rural areas we are still trying to find our feet and make a strategic plan for the next year.
With regards our work in the virtual world, we initiated a Teletherapy project in partnership with Abha Seva Sadan, Jharkhand. 

Learn about our Teletherapy Project in the section on Teletherapy !!!!
Educational scholarships saw a rise and many families reached out to Project Noor for the support of their child's education. This may be attributed to the economic impact of the pandemic on families.

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