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Health Support

Medical Partnership with the Samman Association 

Epilepsy Treatment Camps were conducted within the village of Shisne, Dahanu Taluka, Palghar. To accomplish this big task, we partnered with our good friends over at the Samman Association. Samman is a group of professionals, with the aim of empowering people with Epilepsy. Our collaboration began in April 2017, and by June 2017 the camps were up and running. Over the years, camps have been successfully conducted with the camps benefitting approximately 80 to 90 patients at every camp. The camps are run with the help of two senior Neurologists, a senior Physician, and a strong team of volunteers. 

The volunteers help with registration and dispensing of the medications. People and children with epilepsy usually have other associated challenges that are also assessed and advise or treatment given as per need. The patients come every three months to have an examination by the team of Epileptologist from the prominent hospitals across the city of Mumbai and to collect their medications base don their prescriptions. Medicines are given free of cost based to the patient. The camps are now conducted at the Cottage Hospital< Dahanu every 3 months.


Networks with Rural Health infrastructure has been established that operate under the banner of The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. Each village in India has a set up of a Health Activists appointed by the GOI. This worker is called the ASHA worker (Accredited Social Health Activist) who is given basic health training by the GOI and is paid a stipend based on the work she/he does during the month. Networks have been established with the Government so as to create a model of tertiary care in the form of a Public Private Partnership.

Clinical Support and Disability Management 

Support in the form of therapeutic management for children with disabilities is given to disability organizations in smaller towns across India through annual visits or as per requests received.

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